Sunday, February 24, 2008

a stash of small press goodies from derek beaulieu

derek crossed the street yesterday and brought me a handfull of smallpress odds & ends:

1) The City is a Brain (a dialogue) by Norman Chadwick. Martin Garth Press, (2nd edition, 96 copies) March 1997. It's sort of a little big book: the dimensions are only about 1.5 X 4.5 inches, but it has 74 pages! (actally 148 pages!) it's sort of haiku-like poetry snippets that go back and forth (the pages work towards the centre from 1 to 37 in both directions) some of it's pretty dark, but punchy!

2) 1995 smallpress bookfair directory (toronto) amazingly well done little booklet (#321 of 302 copies (or so it says) (about 44 pages) (green ink) & here we learn (among multitudinous other facts) that Martin Garth Press was: d.m. owen, norm chadwick, cathy davis, rick smith & vince zambrano (although the address given looks to be that of Nicky Drumbolis (AKA Arthur Cravan)

3) "MORRISSEY" by David Donnell. this is a poem printed on the back of a book of matches! (in mint condition!) from the National Book Festival, 1985! this also looks to be a LETTERS (aka Drumbolis) production.

4) "[works in progress]" by eric moschopedis. little 16 page chapbook of revisions of one poem. i think this is a calgary production. no date, but...

5) Heather Edey "Outside Applause" : a larger size hockey influenced chapbook (black cover & bound with a skate lace! editor: Leah Laxdal, 2001, Disarm Chapbooks, Prince Albert, SK (with thanks for additional edits by fred wah, derek beaulieu & eric moschopedis. comes with a newspaper clipping of Dany Heatley from 2000.

6) Shelve her Contents Leah Laxdal. short prose poems accompanied by highlighted black and white photographs (a little erotic!) 2001, disarm chapbooks, #20 of 25. 25 pages with photos in pockets.

7) "Scratch Space" Andrew Levy. Cuneiform Press, 2004. Letterpress cover & poetry with lines like: "(Java script must be enabled)" 11 pages, handsewn. it's a real delight!

8) "CITY" C.J. Martin. nicely done little handsewn chapbook with 4 poems on nice thick woven paper. i don't think this is the press, but it says: "Astra Castra/ Numen Lumen/ VIGILANCE" : no location or date given.

10) "Public Denial Poem" Nick Power. The Writing Space, 2003. photocopy broadside on orange paper: a hoot!

11) "Filmic 10" Joel Kuszai. Salt Series, Buffalo, 1995. sort of moody black & white visual poetry "film"? 9 pages printed.

12) to 17) series of little photocopy booklets by pete spence: "Mighty Thin Books" (Ocean Grove, 1998, 1999) poetry, visual and otherwise by Cornelis Vleeskens (2), Norma Pearse (2), Paul Dermee (trans. Graeme Cutts) (1), & Pete Spence (1)

18) "New Moment" Sheila E. Murphy (2003) one of Sheila's annual New Year greetings poems, nicely printed: engraved?

19) "AT TA : Rudiments" Max Middle (Puddle Leaflet, Ottawa, 2007) (i think i might have this posted somewhere else on this blog?)

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