Tuesday, October 21, 2008


This is the back cover of @RtH*Le (#639) Boog's long running assembling mag. This one has nice fresh work from: John M. Bennett, Magda Lagerwerf, Renata e Giovanni Strada, Diane Bertrand, Costas Evangelatos, & Walter Pennacchi!

Boog is no longer the Mayor of Lawrence, Kansas, but he's still a commissioner!

Boog's got this call out:

Looking for Cousin Julius

Julius Heuberger, the printer for the Zurich Dada group, was, according to Hugo Ball, "an anarchist who spent as much time in jail as outside it." Working out of his "nauseating basement" at Weinbergstrasse 25 Heuberger printed Cabaret Voltaire and a number of other Dada books and magazines. Shortly bedore Dada 4/5 (the Anthologie Dada) was ready to go to press, Heuberger was arrested for violating the military laws, leaving the keys of the print shop with Tristan Tzara.
Estimations vary regarding Heuberger's contributions to the Dada publications, but most commentators don't give him much credit. Michel Sanouillet writes of the role of "the improbable typographical errors of anarchist printer Julius Heuberger" in creating the "vertiginous whirlwind" of the Manifeste Dada. Richard Huelsenbeck described Heuberger as "our charming Swiss printer (who uncomplainingly dealt with prose and poetry that were totally incomprehensible to him)."
Despite his involvement with the Zurich Dada movement, Heuberger has left little trace in the historical record. If you know of any more information about Julius Heuberger, please contact Dennis "Boog" Highberger (Heuberger) at boog(at)lawrence.ixks.com


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