Thursday, July 07, 2011

Theo Nelson

Whimsy and Colour


Anonymous said...

Theo is the Art Director for COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG.

theo said...

A pox on thee, vile anonymous poster!
Thou hast made me use the unholy Wikipedia to bring learning of what is Courage the Cowardly Dog. I shall retire now to drink mead and ponder the inscrutable meaning of your words. Varlet!

Anonymous said...

COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG is a good cartoon. Watch it on YOU TUBE. Your colours and art style look like the images in the cartoon. Therefore YOU are ASEMIC painting.

Anonymous said...

Theo I got your mail today. I'll send you fun literature tomorrow. Just keep believing in ALL THAT TRUMAN SAYS! Worship him! BOW!
Pray to TRUMAN!
You too Ross Priddle.

Anonymous said...

Theo. Study COURAGE THE COWARDLY DOG CARTOONS. Watch episodes on YOU TUBE. Learn to draw EUSTACE and MURIEL.