Sunday, January 01, 2012

Erni Baer
c/o Podschwadek
Thiemannstrasse 8a
21149 Hamburg



Grigori Antonin said...

Erni is a true genius.

Anonymous said...

Grigori doesn't like
Truman Bentley Jr.

Grigori thinks Truman Bentley Jr. is bad, bad, bbbbbbbaddddddddddddd!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Ross. It is a long held tactic amongst the left that when jealousy occurs infighting always has some leftist labeled a facist. This means that the facist labeled leftist is really doing something worth while. It is the same reason the Bolsheviks stomped the mensheviki and the reason Stalin gave Trotsky the ice pick. Capitalism has this too. Its called destroying the competitor. Religions do it too. Pharisees sending Judas. Etc. Recently John Kerry on the left. Herman Cain on the right. All rocks break the biggest plate glass windows. That is why you gotta be the exception. You gotta be Billy Jack or Rambo.

Anonymous said...

That image looks like MIA FARROW.