Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Truman. Live better.

Vote smart! Not dumb!

Eat healthy! Try these drinks: kombucha! chia! 


Anonymous said...

Widespread obesity is a consequence of
1. The idiotic food pyramid that demonized fat (and if you don’t eat as much fat you will substitute carbs, and mass market food makers added vast amounts of sugar to make their products palatable. )
2. Convenience food (McDonald’s.)
3. Substituting The State for husbands, so the end of family meal production & family dinner hour.
4. Wholesale pop culture devotion to working women, devaluing the roles of husband and father. Most young women now want to go to college but don’t know how to cook.


Only a few figure out how to live by reason & logic, and thus reject the idiotic decrees of pop culture. Such people have very successful lives, families and kids.

Anonymous said...

bob dylan created nothing. he is a creation. a political tool of the left. he can't write music or sing. a NOTHING over rated and inflated by THE SYSTEM.