Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Blue Okoye: No More Flared Jeans (writings: vignettes? memories of working in bookstores, etc. in New York City, kinda philosophical...? one about a childhood friend with a colostomy bag...)


34-25 Fulton St., Apt. #1
Brooklyn, NY

[courtesy of Truman Bentley Jr. What did you think of this one, Tru?]

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Anonymous said...

I flipped through it in two seconds and mailed it to you. I have no regard for this type of cartooning. The writing was like babbling noise from a crowd. Bird cage paper. But it would have to be covered on top with some other pretty piece of paper. I thought nothing of it. Not even why am I sending this to you. Like styrofoam or cardboard packing material. Its just there. Where's the trash can.