Saturday, December 15, 2012

Addnpass by Sky City, Thompson, Mete Sarabi, Isao Yoshii &

5136 Lyndale Ave. S
Minneapolis, MN


Anonymous said...

VENDU RENTA SHAKU says HI! The froth of the moist is not a coffee filter. Slippery. Dry. Flakey. Put the bits in the hot Jabba. And sip.

The GOOD NEWS is God is a delusion of the over heated desert dwelling mind. Parched. Without worth. They are all so pathological. Say one thing. Always DO another. Grimey hands do the the flauta without Salisbury or Angela Landsbury. It takes a keen, keen intellectual to out do A SPANIARD IN THE WORKS. Hey. Realize all. He tastes DELICIOUS! Listen to his words. For he is THE ARTIST. For the divinity, the annointed ART HUSTLER is a TRUE MAN.

Anonymous said...

Goon Stamps sent an envelope with SKY CITY and Aimee Carson and others cool post cards etc. to the ROSS PRIDDLE PRIMATE ECOLOGIST LAB in Calgary today. Goon stamps allow for much research into the mail art monkey primate behaviour. Why they scribble and draw Bunny Heads. Why they toss objects in rivers. Why they use TOOLS like wires to unclog tea pot spout mesh filters. The primates also stack coffee cans in orderly hoarder fashion around their monkey cage. Why do these chimps think they are intelligent when they are just Derek Zoolander.