Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dada Lovelace


Anonymous said...

That SWISS ARMY KNIFE. The thumb nail chips and hurts trying to fold it out. It needs WD-40. SWISS ARMY KNIVES are the bulky key chain of nuisance utensils.

Anonymous said...

The woman on MUSIC MASTER'S collage is a radiant, refined, DIGNIFIED lady of quality OPERA LA BOHEIME attending, BUFFY AND BIFFY socializing of the upper class jet set BETTER. The woman on this collage is a cackling crone MAN MINNIE PEARL TOOTHLESS GRAND OL'OPRE HILLBILLY K-MART SHOPPING BOLSHEVIK CONSEQUENCE OF COSMOPOLITAN MEDIOCRITY OF THE NON NEUTERED DOG POUND. Print out the two images. Above one place a decal that says YES. Above the other one place NO. Keep these handy at the quest book REGISTRY so the MATE-RA-DEE can spot CHATTY KATHY so she won't cackle the AMBIANCE of BARBIE AND KEN with her LIL'ABNER loud GRANNY BEVERLY HILLBILLY NOISE NONSENSE. Look at the photos. One is the pretty movie star siren. One is the loud brash army base trash from the enlisted military dependent families HOUSING from FT. RUCKER. Clothes tacky. Everything tacky. Clothing Bank emsemble. At least the Soviet under class wore what they found not what they CHOSE to wear. Fashion is or is not. The rich elites of Europe retreated to their closed compound estates so that the rat fleas could filter sift the masses. Monty Python is all about the SILLY WALK to show contempt for the profanity that is the HERD. Remember. Purdy is as purdy does and MINNIE PEARL is a star from HEE HAW not a cast member from BRIDESHEAD REVISITED. Remember sauerkraut is on a chili dog. Look at the two images. LA BOHEIME and LA HEE HAW. Scope, Colgate, Listerine, Tic Tac. Floss. Crest Gel. Soap. Shampoo. The song by the band ---------says, I BOUGHT UH TOOTH BRUSH, SOME TOOTH PASTE, UH FLANNEL FOR MY FACE, A HAIR BRUSH, A SUIT CASE, NEW SHOES AND UH CASE. PAJAMAS and uh pair uh tore nayuh clippuhs. Clip them yella toes uh green dirt. And don't shop in Macy's looking like collage number two. Being TRANSGENDER means TRANS not MAN. So if you are going to step out you gotta look like a lady. Not DUDE LOOKS LIKE UH LADY. Like the band. SQUEEZE.