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Nice tahtools!

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Rub the toes. And say MEAT CURTAINS AND PANT SUITS! I am woman hear me roar.

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ROBOX of the frootchure shall speak EBARNIXS.

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These are SHOE FOOTS. Profound and rich culture of the peoples of Asia.

Jayant Kahlili said...

Why don't I worship immigrants?

My father is one. I'm the preacher's son. That's the short answer as to why.
But this might require a bit more explaining because many modern Americans are so thoroughly propagandized and bullied by political correctness that they are incapable of understanding why having an immigrant parent can have any downside.
My father came from an old country.
"Old" means superstitious, stuck-in-the-past, limited and fossilized.
In street language, it means unmodernized, unscientific dumbfuck.
One of the first clashes I had with my father over his backwardness was over biology.
My parents had brought home a couple of chicks for us when we were kids, and I was busy feeding them and giving them water.
Lots of Westerners think Third World backwardness and superstitions are cool and go Buddha over Tibet-n-shit.
But while I was giving the chicks water, my father saw his first opportunity to indoctrinate us with his religion by pointing out that the chicks tilt their heads upwards as they were swallowing the water in their beaks to thank Allah for the water.
I bristled at the stupidity of this explanation, and told him no, that the reason they do this is because birds lack the swallowing capabilities of humans and have to tilt their heads back to let the water run down their throats with each beak full of water.
My father got angry at being contradicted by his little kid, but my mother saved me by affirming my explanation.
I was maybe just 6 or 7 years old at the time.

It wasn't fun being subjected to Third World BS while trying to grow up in America.
My father used to drag us to the rat-infested mosque in downtown Cleveland, where we were forced to pray in funny-sounding Arabic which I didn't understand.

When my father took us to his country, unsurprisingly I discovered that most of his countrymen were like him. And they sided with him in affirming the stupidity and ignorance of his un-modernized backwards culture and country.
They believed for example that eating melons with marmalade or honey at breakfast would cause you to die.
A couple of years ago someone from Iranian intelligence was in contact with me, and he was going on about how he believed that saint-like people’s bodies do not decompose after death.
Imagine someone like that presiding over a courtroom where you are on trial. You’d be at the total mercy of their underdeveloped mind. Your life could depend on trying to get them to understand something simple using reason and logic, and you might fail even though you are innocent because the person has no concepts outside of his limited understanding of the world and simple-minded superstitions.
Enduring other people's stupidity is the worst torture, when you're not completely stupid like them, and are forced to go along with them
I don't want to say that there is nothing good about Iranians or Muslims, but I paid a price to be acquainted with them.

When they speak reverently of Iranian culture or Islam which they have never experienced, I have no patience to listen to their phony politeness.
They aren't in a position to say anything about something they've never experienced, and I'm honestly not flattered to hear the praise my father's culture or religion.
This isn't about Islam or Iranian culture in particular, either. Its about trying to escape from dumb old-world backwardness that an immigrant parent is trying to force on you.
Kids born in America from Cambodian parents, Hindu parents, etc. all have to deal with this stuff, too.
Unfortunately, people reading this will try to fit what I’m writing into whatever politics they know about, but it has nothing to do with anything you’ve ever read or heard about.
You can get that all out of your heads.
Unfortunately, following a culture - your own - means not thinking and not understanding others, and that’s all most people can do is follow their lazy-ass set of mass-habits.

Anonymous said...

Dear UCSD Shanghai Students Organization:

Though your propaganda campaign against the planned visit of the bandit Tenzin Gyatso (sometimes styled His Holiness the Dalai Lama) to La Jolla is generally in accordance with instructions from Beijing, I must inform you that your recent English-language propaganda statement was missing a key element. After stating that all Chinese “will feel extremely offended and disrespected” if the University of California, San Diego administration permits His Holiness the Dalai Lama the bandit Tenzin Gyatso to accept the invitation of the students and faculty to speak at that American public university, you neglected to demand a “safe space” for Chinese students, faculty, staff, and families from which all views not promulgated by the Central Propaganda Department of the Chinese Communist Party ( 中共中央宣传部 ) will be excluded.

In American universities and colleges it is now customary for every politically-respectable group to demand, and to be provided by the school administration, a “safe space.” It would be an unbearable insult to the Chinese Government to deny Chinese people a “safe space” of their own, especially since American universities often diversify their safe spaces by merging them into a single campus-wide safe space (from which all improper thoughts are excluded on pain of personal expulsion or even condign punishment, quite in accordance with Chinese principles of disciplined harmony). The natural Chinese pride in “diversity and inclusiveness” so properly expressed in your statement requires that all deviant elements be excluded from the safe spaces which every American university provides. Do not fail to demand a “safe space” in any future communications with American university officials.