Saturday, March 26, 2011

Mudhead Reynolds - Chair Piece - performed at LACMA

1. Turn every chair in a space backwards.



Anonymous said...

"Mudhead likes GINGER SNAPS!"

U. No Hoo

Anonymous said...

"You know you are supposed to put your socks and underwear on backwards first before you do that."

Dr. Janice Eberhart Phd.
Counseling Psychology Associates
1345 J.E. Roy Pkwy.
Haha, Oregon, 56432

Anonymous said...

"Mudhead is not a MUDHEAD!"

Tina Sykes

Anonymous said...

"His name ain't MUDHEAD! His name is MUDHEADS!"

Tywanda Brawson
3411 Ralph Abercrombie Hwy.
Watts, Ca. 84218

Anonymous said...

"Look at that girl. Her hair is the same colour and texture of Orangutan hair. If she turned around, what if she had an Orangutan face too."

Tina Tuggle

Anonymous said...

"Oh lawd! It's Amy Carter!"

The Friend from Edmondton

Anonymous said...

"Naw its that boy with the crazy face in that Cher movie."

Sharmu of Flux

Anonymous said...

"No, its Sissy Spacek, CARRIE!"

Ren Chambuhs

Anonymous said...

"Naw man, that Halloween wig."

Tyrone Sykes
31 Wilimont St.
Watts, Ca.

Anonymous said...

"What if it is that girl in the film CRY BABY. But with a red wig."

Mink Stole

Anonymous said...

"There have been so many comments that have absolutely NOTHING to do with this posting I completely forgot what it was about."

Uncle Bill Davis