Saturday, May 20, 2006


Send a magazine, book, record, cassette, picture, collage or something else made by you to the first person on the list below. Remove the first name on the list and add your name and address at the bottom. Make (10) copies of this letter (including your name and address) and send them to people who you think will keep the idea growing. Quite soon things will arrive at your address. Please try to mail everything within ONE week of receiving this.

Women Make Art!
Official Postal
Women Artists

(42) Isao Yoshii
2-47 kasugaoka ITAMI
664-0893 JAPAN (May 2006)

32. InkyToad
1108 West Main St.
Collinsville, Oklahoma
USA 74021-3113

33. Susan Wilken
401261 West 2460 Drive
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

34. Paulette J. Duque
331 San marcus Drive
Vallejo, CA

35. El Taller de Zenon

36. Konstantin Malakov
157-2-113 Lyublinskaia Str.
109341 Moscow RUSSIA
malakoff (at)

37. Helena Berez (Neva)
398035 Lipetsk RUSSIA
10/2-11 Zvednaia Str.

38. Baudhuin Simon
(Rest in Peace)

39. frips (25 Jan. 2006)

40. Point Jaune museum

41. Elke Grundmann
Luisenplatz 3
10585 Berlin
GERMANY (21 Apr. 2006)

43. Ross Priddle
#9 Vista Rd.
Medicine Hat, AB
T1B 4s9

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