Wednesday, May 17, 2006

derek beaulieu FRACTAL ECONOMIES

finally got my copy of derek's new book (or does he have another one already?) which includes a couple pages of a collaboration we did together ("trig") [i took one of derek's concrete poems (sort of an alphabet pyramid type piece) and did a photocopier degeneration of it (ie. i made a copy then a copy of the copy ad infinitum) included are six "details" of some of the letter forms that resulted] derek has thoughtfully inscribed my copy: "For Ross - in thanks for his support and collaboration!" (not too sure what to make of that third person address, but thanks all the same, derek!) also of note is in the "Acknowledgments" derek was kind enough to mention not one but 3 of my print 'zines! (mo' gumbo, van, & hat) and better yet this blog itself! so, thanks again derek!

in the essay included in Fractal Economies derek suggests that his sort of concrete poetry is resistant to capitalist consumption, but if you want to buy a copy here's a link to the publisher:

& here's a few relevant links:

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