Wednesday, May 10, 2006

my scanner's on the fritz!

here's what i would be scanning if it was working: 1) Dan Waber "from the Fall Leaves Variations: fall leaves #11" (which you can see on frips' blog) 2) a postcard from Barbara Hilmer-Schroer & Ralf Schroer: 3) a contribution from Dan Waber to the Five Million Copies project which is also a continuation of our collaboration on the Hondo book for Dan's Altered Books Project 4) from Rob Read a copy of Atone Neither Overflowing Clause (his collaboration with AEM) check here for more info: (here's the direct link: ) & also from Rob a copy of his 18 Full English Breakfasts (published by Wood & Coal which i'm pretty sure has a blog (can't seem to find a blog for them, but here's the address given in the chapbook: 427 Crawford St. - Apt. #6, Toronto, Ont., M6G 3J7) & last but decidedly not least: 5) the new fhole! (#8) from the bad boy of the canuck avant-garde, Daniel f. Bradley! this issue has some stunning concrete poetry from judith copithorne & plenty more delights!

oh yeah, and one more thing: 6) a Ray Johnson postcard from Royal Oak, MI with reference to the Lightworks Magazine Ray Johnson special issue (#22) which is available on Mark Pawson's website:

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