Friday, May 19, 2006

"walking down the sunny street to the library..."

when we moved from valleyview drive to vista road we actually moved closer to the college here, but for some reason when we moved i returned all the books i had out and never got any new ones! anyway, finally made it back in to the library there and came away with five books: 1.) Robert Bringhurst The Elements of Typographic Style (version 3.0) (Hartley & Marks, 2004); 2.) Returning the Gaze: Essays on Racism, Feminism and Politics Edited by Himani Bannerji (Sister Vision, 1993); 3.) Gertrude Stein Advanced: An Anthology of Criticism Edited by Richard Kostelanetz (McFarland & Co., 1990); 4.) Robert Redfield Tepoztlan: A Mexican Village (U. of Chicago P., 1930 (reprint 1974) this last one from the "Discard" shelf...

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Anonymous said...

that bringhurst book on typography is a keeper. he's a pretty amazing poet too. best,
kemeny babineau