Thursday, August 11, 2011

David Stanley Aponte

"I am sending this notice out to inform you that I shall be relocating my studio out of Philadelphia. In the United States future mail can be sent to:

927 Martha Ave.
Lancaster, Pennsylvania


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Anonymous said...

TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. loves to speak with building owners to get permission to paint out all graffiti. The great thing about graffiti is the joy of painting it out. By obliterating graffiti you diminish the pride of the graffiti artist. They become trivialized and irrelevant. It also is like photographing a WITCH DOCTOR. You steal the artist's soul by obliterating their work. And you draw out their psychic life force by DISSING their so called WORK. Their energy is harvested to be used in other pursuits they never can enjoy. Poor tow down and hawngree. Shufflin' on them gravels out there. The crumbly spray painter is a nobody.