Saturday, August 06, 2011

Zine Explorer
P.O. Box 5291
Richmond, VA

[courtesy of Truman Bentley Jr.]


Anonymous said...

There is a naked autographed centerfold photo of TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. on page three of this magazine.

Anonymous said...

Hey people. Listen. How does it feel to KNOW that
TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. is BETTER than you and your entire family? Even his dandruff is better than everyone you know. Just 100% BETTER. His dandruff is for you to stir in milk as an INSTANT BREAKFAST DRINK.

Dr. Sane said...

Truman is insane and perverse.

Anonymous said...

TRUMAN BENTLEY JR.'S dandruff in milk makes vanilla breakfast drink. Emjoy!

Anonymous said...

If you do not like TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. he can give you a bar of OCTAGON SOAP and wash cloth so you can bathe your mother.