Thursday, August 11, 2011

Susan Poe (ed.) Popular Reality vol. 786, #11. Cover by Musicmaster & John M. Bennett. Includes work by Dr. A.H. Krieg, Seth Harrison, The Haddock, E.J. Barnes, Blaster Al Ackerman, Dervish, Riddle Management, Donald Meserlian, Despondent Times, Thompson!, Malok, Neal Wilgus, DKA & JoMo, etc.

$3 to:

Popular Reality
PO Box 18
Poultney, VT

[courtesy of Truman Bentley Jr.]


Anonymous said...

The only important person of any meaning in that magazine is the Lord of The World, TRUMAN BENTLEY JR. Can you hear the people of the world breathing? That is nothing. A fart from Truman Bentley Jr., preferably called a POOT is better than everyone in the world's mother. His POOT has value. The mothers of the world are nothing. POOT yes! MOTHER no! Choose the POOT! Mothers have no value but to fffffold laundry.

Anonymous said...

It's 7:16 time for Bert.

Anonymous said...

Susan Poe reads the Newsletter every day.