Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Amie Carson

Look Inside


Anonymous said...

"I get it! I GGGGGET IT! She's tryin' tuh JANK! She made that school bus card all on her own out of her head as a subtle sly noir humour response to Jenny Jo talkin' bout her SLEEPIN' HEAD PHONE TAPE PLAYER relaxin bus rides to school. Its kinda funny. It would have been better though if she had drawn a 1978 GREEN FORD GRANDE TORINO STATION WAGON with the family hound "GIBBLET" barking in the front seat while Jenny Jo listened to her soundtrack from "FAME" in the back seat. Oh the many fun filled BRADY BUNCH family road trips enjoyed by all in the 1978 GREEN FORD GRAAAAANDE TORINO STATION WAGON. IT'S TRUE! IT'S TRUE! It was like THE GRISWOLD'S station wagon, but without the wood tone faux paneling. Growing up in JUPITER FLORIDA(not Largo) she sang Christmas Carol's each year with a very special FLUXUS colleague there. Making CHRISTMAS ORNAMENTS in the icy Florida snow. They were beloved by the local PROTESTANT groups for their handmade Christmas, Halloween, and Easter Bunny COUNTRY CRAFT ART CREATIONS. It's TRUE! ALL TTTTRUE! That's why that jankster Annie Carlston drew that bus. She was JANKIN' ON THE SSSSSSLY! Annie Carlston you think you funny. Drawin' that skoo bus.

Anonymous said...

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