Wednesday, April 13, 2011

michael mann, ed. unarmed #63, with work by guy r. beining, serge segay, yours truly, kimberly lyons, robert head, camille martin, tom weigel, richard martin, brian c. felder, mann himself, heller levinson, jeff harrison, alan horvath, michael basinski, jared schickling, clemente padin, david kennedy, russell manning, schmuel!, scott helmes, reed altemus, michael peters, john olson, pearl pirie, jesse freeman, sheila e. murphy, e.j. mcadams, simon cuts, kimball lockhart, joel dailey, daniel f. bradley, david moscovich, arlene stone, michael ravnikar, brett evans, jim cory, chris martin, helen peterson, debby florence, and last but not least: derek beaulieu!

I think these are still free if you can find them, but you might want to send michael a couple bucks to cover postage:

michael mann
unarmed journal
1405 fairmount ave.
saint paul, mn

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