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Mark Sonnenfeld (new chapbook: "Bleecker Street" ISBN: 1-887379-89-4) Posted by Picasa

Don Winter & Klipschutz (from Lee Thorn's zine (Vol. 9, #6) Posted by Picasa

Friday, May 26, 2006

Marton Koppany "The Arakawa Project, For Dan Waber" Posted by Picasa

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Dan Waber "o om mother other her" (for Marlea J. Waber) Posted by Picasa

Dale Speirs Posted by Picasa

Jokie X Wilson Posted by Picasa

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Clemente Padin in Edmonton


Send a magazine, book, record, cassette, picture, collage or something else made by you to the first person on the list below. Remove the first name on the list and add your name and address at the bottom. Make (10) copies of this letter (including your name and address) and send them to people who you think will keep the idea growing. Quite soon things will arrive at your address. Please try to mail everything within ONE week of receiving this.

Women Make Art!
Official Postal
Women Artists

(42) Isao Yoshii
2-47 kasugaoka ITAMI
664-0893 JAPAN (May 2006)

32. InkyToad
1108 West Main St.
Collinsville, Oklahoma
USA 74021-3113

33. Susan Wilken
401261 West 2460 Drive
Bartlesville, Oklahoma

34. Paulette J. Duque
331 San marcus Drive
Vallejo, CA

35. El Taller de Zenon

36. Konstantin Malakov
157-2-113 Lyublinskaia Str.
109341 Moscow RUSSIA
malakoff (at)

37. Helena Berez (Neva)
398035 Lipetsk RUSSIA
10/2-11 Zvednaia Str.

38. Baudhuin Simon
(Rest in Peace)

39. frips (25 Jan. 2006)

40. Point Jaune museum

41. Elke Grundmann
Luisenplatz 3
10585 Berlin
GERMANY (21 Apr. 2006)

43. Ross Priddle
#9 Vista Rd.
Medicine Hat, AB
T1B 4s9

Friday, May 19, 2006

"walking down the sunny street to the library..."

when we moved from valleyview drive to vista road we actually moved closer to the college here, but for some reason when we moved i returned all the books i had out and never got any new ones! anyway, finally made it back in to the library there and came away with five books: 1.) Robert Bringhurst The Elements of Typographic Style (version 3.0) (Hartley & Marks, 2004); 2.) Returning the Gaze: Essays on Racism, Feminism and Politics Edited by Himani Bannerji (Sister Vision, 1993); 3.) Gertrude Stein Advanced: An Anthology of Criticism Edited by Richard Kostelanetz (McFarland & Co., 1990); 4.) Robert Redfield Tepoztlan: A Mexican Village (U. of Chicago P., 1930 (reprint 1974) this last one from the "Discard" shelf...

Thursday, May 18, 2006

richard canard Posted by Picasa

well, i guess we're in the "death throes" phase of the scanner here... but, if you click the X there you should be able to see 80% of this card... the missing line is "...water on the brain-washed." and it's dated "08.05.06" (and signed too!)

Madison Morrison (7 books) Posted by Picasa

i was hoping to be able to rotate this scan, but! here again if you click the X you should get the image... also if you go over to:

you can see more of the covers (in various degrees of scannedness!)

oh, also, i've got an extra copy of EVERY SECOND if anybody wants one!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

scanner update

i just discovered some of those scans i was trying to make when the scanner started to act up, so here are they: (some of them seem to be only half there):

Ray Johnson (RE: Lightworks #22) Posted by Picasa

Barbara Hillmer-Schroeer & Ralf Schroeer Posted by Picasa

Open Letter Posted by Picasa

via e-mail:

Emilio Morandi Posted by Picasa

derek beaulieu FRACTAL ECONOMIES

finally got my copy of derek's new book (or does he have another one already?) which includes a couple pages of a collaboration we did together ("trig") [i took one of derek's concrete poems (sort of an alphabet pyramid type piece) and did a photocopier degeneration of it (ie. i made a copy then a copy of the copy ad infinitum) included are six "details" of some of the letter forms that resulted] derek has thoughtfully inscribed my copy: "For Ross - in thanks for his support and collaboration!" (not too sure what to make of that third person address, but thanks all the same, derek!) also of note is in the "Acknowledgments" derek was kind enough to mention not one but 3 of my print 'zines! (mo' gumbo, van, & hat) and better yet this blog itself! so, thanks again derek!

in the essay included in Fractal Economies derek suggests that his sort of concrete poetry is resistant to capitalist consumption, but if you want to buy a copy here's a link to the publisher:

& here's a few relevant links:

richard canard says

want to


richard canard
409 S. Emerald Lane
Carbondale, Illusion

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

a poem by jesse freeman

A court martial
A billion silk-lined-
headstones succor not
maggot-matter via
vermilion air humidity
hundred percent
earthenware pots
to piss in
to flee, abhor,
hate, obey, place
neath army cots
A soldier refuses
to attack
to ack ack akkkk
to rain ammo
to kill
to straddle oil gap's
USA gas tank

Friday, May 12, 2006

sharon zimmer:

also in the mail: a postcard from Jokie X Wilson: "I have started journal 235 now. I am reading a book by Rupert Sheldrake."

plus, some "credit advice" from the bank: "chq drawn on university of buffalo-usd cleared as cdn" 4.35 (enough for a jug of milk!) actually, the best thing about having a subscriber is that i feel obligated to keep hat going for another year! plus this new thing: tlbp

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Mark Sonnenfeld "Zine Workers"

Just got the latest offering from Marymark Press: Zine Workers (To Be Where I'm Going) by Mark Sonnenfeld (20 Pages) ISBN: 1-887379-88-6

photo & poetry collage, here's a sampling of the text:

to murmer
smoking cigs,
He is non military
Get out of the house she says unsmiling
Like a wooden stick match
A smaller tablet
of medicine
Power of moving
from place to place
He looks down
upon scorn and
Knew of a hole
for stringing with others


contact Mark at:

45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor, New Jersey
08520 USA

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

my scanner's on the fritz!

here's what i would be scanning if it was working: 1) Dan Waber "from the Fall Leaves Variations: fall leaves #11" (which you can see on frips' blog) 2) a postcard from Barbara Hilmer-Schroer & Ralf Schroer: 3) a contribution from Dan Waber to the Five Million Copies project which is also a continuation of our collaboration on the Hondo book for Dan's Altered Books Project 4) from Rob Read a copy of Atone Neither Overflowing Clause (his collaboration with AEM) check here for more info: (here's the direct link: ) & also from Rob a copy of his 18 Full English Breakfasts (published by Wood & Coal which i'm pretty sure has a blog (can't seem to find a blog for them, but here's the address given in the chapbook: 427 Crawford St. - Apt. #6, Toronto, Ont., M6G 3J7) & last but decidedly not least: 5) the new fhole! (#8) from the bad boy of the canuck avant-garde, Daniel f. Bradley! this issue has some stunning concrete poetry from judith copithorne & plenty more delights!

oh yeah, and one more thing: 6) a Ray Johnson postcard from Royal Oak, MI with reference to the Lightworks Magazine Ray Johnson special issue (#22) which is available on Mark Pawson's website:

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Madison Morrison Posted by Picasa

a few new things from Madison which you can see here:

(i have two of the "PATTAYA" booklets if anybody wants one)

Basinski Posted by Picasa

Basinski: "the mighty subscriber"! has been sticking with me since the beginning, here he renews his subscription to hat & becomes the very first subscriber to my new(ish) TLBP series (at the institutional price (individual subscriptions are lower)) if anyone else is interested in joining the throngs of big spenders, lemme know!

Jim Leftwich Posted by Picasa

it's nice to have these on paper & in the hand: there are a lot of interesting words in these: "alliaceous" "Ziziphus" "thixotropic" "flower clusters" "saxicolous" etc.

Jokie X Wilson Posted by Picasa

this is not identical to this:

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

here's a couple links which came in an e-mail to my old account:

Diane Bertrand Posted by Picasa

Jose Blanco (courtesy of Diane Bertrand) Posted by Picasa

Jose Blanco
c/. Aragon, 2-4* dcha. B
48902 BARAKALDO (Bizkaia)

* indicates a "degree sign"

(i'm not sure what country... Brazil? i'm sure google could figure it out!)

(okay, just back from wikipedia... it looks like it might be in Spain, but in the Basque "Autonomous Zone" so, probably a political thing...)

(further searching discovered this: )

Juan Orozco Ocana (courtesy of Diane Bertrand) Posted by Picasa

Jim Leftwich (2002) courtesy of Diane Bertrand Posted by Picasa

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Kevin Thurston started a blog!

addnpass sheet

R.F. Cote &c. Posted by Picasa

this scan and the two below are from a massive (5 eight & a half by elevens cobbled together!) addnpass sheet which has work by Susan Gold Smith & incorporates a Brain Cell Fractal by Ryosuke Cohen plus what looks to be the documentation for buZ blurr's "fill a car with keys" project &c.! the sheet came in from R.F. Cote: