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Kris Mininger
Calle Obispo 4B
Plasencia 10600


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Richard Canard (Carbondale, Illusion)

Vladimir Jakushonok (Latvia)

Jokie X Wilson

Thursday, March 26, 2009

jw curry (postage &) back cover of One Cent #400

the back cover of one cent #400 is a mimeo transcription (which means curry has hand-carved it onto a stencil) by curry of a graffiti-poem by p. cob, (probably from a photo by D.M. Owen) curry gives this transcription:


WitH MiKHAil


This is a giant blow out issue of curry's one cent series to celebrate hitting #400: 22 pages of densely typed mimeo madness, with illustrations, in the jumbo 8.5 X 14 format (not folded), includes: visual poetry by Judith Copithorne; dreams from Lance LaRocque & Jan Svankmajer; a note from Jerry Janacek; longish poems by Pearl Pirie, Judith Copithorne, & Maxine Gadd; a short essay by Richard Truhlar (on the fact that "avant-garde" artists in one medium often have mainstream tastes in another medium); a two page article (printed in red & purple ink on yellow paper) on "Esemplastic Zappology" by Ben Watson; previously unpublished(?) revisions of poems by bp Nichol & Michael Ondaatje; republications of poems by Doug Steedman (cadged from a derek beaulieu publication), Laurie Fuhr & Daniel f. Bradley; more poetry by Warren Dean Fulton, billy little, John Barlow & Aaron Vidaver; translations by Marshall Hryciuk of poems by August Stramm, Arthur Rimbaud & Pablo Antonio Cuadra; plus the beginnings of a Judith Copithorne bibliography by curry himself; along with running reviews and commentary (and rants) by curry of/on multitidinous books, cds, interviews, anthologies, publications, etc. by Donato Mancini, Dorothy Lusk, Christian Bok & Margaret Atwood, Ben Watson, Paul Haines, Tomahawk & Fantomas (Mike Patton related noise projects), Barbara Caruso, Tom Walmsley, Stuart Ross, yours truly, P. Cob, D.M. Owen, curry's own Messagio Galore project, plus plenty more!

plus you have to realize that this beast is genuine HAND-CRANKED mimeo! his mimeo machine is not even electric!

and what's the price of all this you may wonder? can it be that all this is available for a single penny? hmmm, well, it is part of his one cent series, so, maybe, maybe...

you can write him and see:

jw curry
#302-880 Somerset W.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 6R7

plus i've got an extra copy here (but i don't think i'll be letting it go for a penny!)

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There's a lot to be said for a regular FUCK!

Lee Thorn: latest issue of FUCK! (with poetry by Daryl Rogers, James Babbs, Thorn himself, plus a drawing by Billy Jones) send Lee $2 & an SASE

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Collaboration: Jeff Crouch (jmcrouch(at)msn.com) & Ross Priddle (ross_priddle(at)yahoo.ca)

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"Hello! My Name is Shape-Shifter"



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Mairead Byrne State House Calendar

from the intro: "The Rhode Island State House in Providence is a magnificent & totally unlikely building, beached on Smith Hill under huge skies. I see it every day when I drive from my home in Mount Pleasant to the East Side of Providence where I work. For 13 months in 2004-2005, I recorded my first glimpse of it every morning: the color of the stone against the color of the sky. At the end of each month, these daily notes became a poem."

here's the the start of first poem:

"State House, September"

candle-flame against turquoise
pearl against lavender
mint against rose
breast-milk on mauve
metal against mackerel
yellowed lace on watered silk
graphite on glass
silhouette on pale blue
eggshell on streaked blue
grey cut-out against sky-blue
velcro on azure

Published in a limited edition of 100 by watersign press/Calendar Girl Books for the Dusie Kollektiv, 2008.

Dusie Kollektiv

& it's even a real calendar! which doesn't begin until September 2009, so still plenty of time!

jw curry

One Cent #398 with work by p. cob, David Fujino, Warren Dean Fulton, Michael Tencer, chris turnbull & Pearl Pirie. available for only a penny from:

room 302 books
#302-880 Somerset W.
Ottawa, Ontario
K1R 6R7

Stan Askew
3152 Piccolo St.
Pasadena, CA

Dale Speirs

Friday, March 06, 2009

Rael - Dark Star Drawing Lodge
Goes, The Netherlands (2004/2005)

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Mike Dickau
1528 40th St.
Sacramento, CA

This is the back cover of one of two new split chapbooks by Mark Sonnenfeld. This one with Thais H. Miller and the other one with Mel C. Thompson:
Mel's Website

contact Mark at:

Mark Sonnenfeld
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor, NJ

Sheila E. Murphy

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colin martin

colin is the prez!

filling Station

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ATC by Cat Schick

Cat's involved with: EAR:

ATC "artwork domestication procedure" by Paul Brown


ATC "Yin Yang" by Tim Westbury


ATC by Theo Nelson

Theo publishes The Cartoon Landscape Times (up to vol. 7, no. 4!) which is available free by request from: tnelson(at)bexx.com