Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Billy Mavreas & John M. Bennett Posted by Picasa

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sharon Harris (back of "Fun w/ 'Pataphysics") Posted by Picasa

i love this list of places Sharon has been (or will be) published! note my own little hat squeezed in between Quill & Quire and fHole! gotta love that!

where you find it

ad in canada's national newspaper Posted by Picasa

here's a nice bit of visual poetry as found in The Globe and Mail for Sat. Jan. 28, 2006 (p. A12) (Alberta Edition) ....hmmm, maybe there's careers to be had in vispo, eh? funny thing too, because i was recently blogging about damian lopes who, if i remember correctly, was working on a website for the very same advertiser as here! maybe he had a hand in this?

Sunday, January 29, 2006

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Friday, January 27, 2006

Dan Waber Posted by Picasa

(with apologies (further apologies) to Ron S.)

Sharon Harris Posted by Picasa

published by rob mclennan:


(there's a link to Sharon Harris' "I Love You Galleries" on the sidebar, but here's a direct link to her blog:

http://www.iloveyou365.blogspot.com/ )

rob mclennan: new broadsides Posted by Picasa

#246: Jennifer Mulligan
#245: rob mclennan
#243: Gary Barwin
#241: George Bowering
#220: Max Middle

& #204: ross priddle:


yeehaw! thanks rob!

Thursday, January 26, 2006

this is not blurry

B. Saved Post, PO Box 1444, NY, NY, 10276, USA Posted by Picasa

i know it looks blurry, but if you look close you might be able to see that's it's actually misregistered... it's some sort of embossed (intaglio?) test pressing from some sort of print job... it's definitely in the haptic department (do i have a haptic personality?) anyway, it really has to be touched to be appreciated... maybe b. saved has a whole pile he could mail out? or i suppose i could lend it to you if you really felt you had to touch it...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

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Gretzky writing a symphony

Daniel F. Bradley Posted by Picasa

Daniel, let me apologize for dropping the word "retard" it was uncalled for. All i am trying to say is that your dyslexia is both a gift and a curse. Because if your dyslexia plays a part in helping you create work like the above, then it is decidedly a gift. On the other hand, if it's your dyslexia that makes you write garbled hate-filled "criticisms" then it's a curse. Stick with the concrete. Fuck the criticism. It will all wash out in time. how old is this piece above? 1997? older? 80s? who cares? the point is it's a great piece of art with lasting value. who's going to remember the bile you slung (except in a general way ie. "oh, that asshole") in five years? ten?

one thing that can be said for mail-art is it's a paradigm of toleration (and almost (but not quite) a hate-free zone)

as to the bottlecaps, i admit it's pretty pathetic, but i started it with my son, and he was the real driving force there for a while... ie. i did it out of love (which as a new parent i'm sure you can appreciate)

anyway, MORE CONCRETE! (less bile! please!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Mozart Playing Hockey (an open letter to dfb)

"dude!" give us more of this:

Impossible Utterance #7 Posted by Picasa

give us more of this:


give us more tattered posters! give us more chlamydia! give us more sharp corners!

but, please, for your own sake, as well as the sake of "outsider" poetry in general, cut out the hate! cut out the "critique"! i hate to say it, man, but you're coming across as a "retard" (and i use the word knowingly) ... leave the blahblahblah to the blahblahblahers, leave it to them that have their phds in blahblahblahing, you're not gonna beat 'em at their own game, teach 'em by doing not saying

Guy Bleus

here's one for the "Mailart is dead" crowd:


778 participants from 43 countries!

in the mailbox

Lee Thorn Posted by Picasa

Jon Cone wins 2nd Annual C.A.A.! Posted by Picasa

more news from inside: "Blackbird 7 from David Stone, PO Box 16235, Baltimore, MD 21210. About 175 pages, mostly art, some poetry. Harry Burrus, Laura Ryder, Thomas Lowe Taylor, and 27 pages of David Chirot. A magnificent publication. $22.00 within US postpaid."

Dan Waber: "Big Blue Apostrophe, for Tod (Big Blue Comma for everyone else) [7 of 20] Posted by Picasa

Ficus strangulensis (from 020305) Posted by Picasa

this was a nice surprise mailing from Ficus back in 2002: the envelope says: "Hi Ross!! Ed Giecek sent me your note about his mail art so... here's sum MATC I been cookin' up. Fike 020305" the element of surprise! (which is sometimes lost due to the internet, eh?) ... the atc in the lower right is titled: "Dracula dines alfresco."

i started this blog for Ficus:


(not sure if he's too keen on it, but we'll see what happens...)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Nelson Ball - Small Gardens Posted by Picasa

this is an elegant little chapbook (21.5 cm X 6.5 cm) (16 pages all told) produced by fingerprinting inkoperated in june of 1996 in an edition of 50 copies (each one stamped with the f.i. logo: damian lopes' pinky!) stapled. Nelson Ball runs an internet bookshop out of Paris, Ontario:


here's fingerprinting inkoperated:


Small Gardens is still listed (#82) and the price is still reasonable!

oop, that's just the list of publications with the original price, here's the current price:

http://afterwords.bitwalla.com/ (search for "small gardens")

highway robbery!

tARTarugo - artist's stamp Posted by Picasa

this is from 2001, haven't heard from tARTarugo in a while... here's the website:


Saturday, January 21, 2006

umbrella light, mechanized Posted by Picasa

more here: http://longhands.blogspot.com

"translation(s)" here: http://glassteat.blogspot.com


nice beer coincidence in the mailbox on friday thanks to frips & endwar!


(oh, my head!)

addnpass from frips (et al.) Posted by Picasa

related link:


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Thursday, January 19, 2006

a website is born

Kemeny Babineau's first website:


"kid's stuff"

bit of "kid's stuff" over here:


(post for Jan. 19 (am) in particular)

glitch included

was surfing over to transamoebae last night, and found this:


so, would this be an instance of a "fake" collaboration? is it still a collaboration? or is it now baron's work alone (and whatever babynous is there now simply appropriated?)

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

glitch not included

Gustave Morin & Ross Priddle - $100 Posted by Picasa

gus claims this is a "joint effort," but is it a genuine joint effort or a fake joint effort? i did infact take the photo gus has modified here, but i'm not sure what constitutes a genuine collaboration yet. does it have to meet with my approval to become genuine? if so, i hereby declare my approval! (either way, it's price tag is the same)

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Saturday, January 14, 2006

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Open Letter (12th ser., #7, Fall 2005) "Kenneth Goldsmith and Conceptual Poetics" Guest-edited by Lori Emerson and Barbara Cole. With work by Craig Dworkin, Molly Schwartzburg, Bruce Andrews, Geoffrey Young, Ruben Gallo, Derek Beaulieu, Christian Bok, Jason Christie, Marjorie Perloff, Caroline Bergvall, Robert Fitterman, Kenneth Goldsmith, Joshua Schuster, Carl Peters, Johanna Drucker, Christine Wertheim, Simon Morris, Dr. Howard Britton, & Darren Wershler-Henry. Cover images by David Daniels.

$8.00 from
102 Oak St.
Strathroy, Ontario
N7G 3K3


related links:
David Daniels: http://www.thegatesofparadise.com/