Tuesday, September 29, 2009

David Stone (Baltimore, MD) has a new book out: under the el

Alternating Current

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pascal Lenoir Maniart #20? October 1990, with work by Guy Bleus, Wolfgang Luh, Lawrence Upton, J.B. Dodd, Guillermo Deisler, Giovanni Strada, P.H. MacClure, Ruggero Maggi, Arto Kytohonka, FaGaGaGa, Oleg Yudin, Pol Silentblok, Reima Makinen, Rita Vitali Rosati, Vesselin Sariev, Pierre Marquer, J.O. Olbrich, Roberto Accorti & Larry Angelo.

Pascal Lenoir
11 Ruelle De Champagne
60680 Grandfresnoy

John M. Bennett & Scott McLeod


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Ed Varney

Jo Cook Alchymicall ANATOMY, {What is licked, sucked, bitten, & chewed} illustrated poetry, 8 pp.

Perro Verlag

Diana Marshall
6400 Karlen Rd.
Rome, NY

Dan Waber "In Memory of Rev. Marlea J. Conrad Waber"


reed altemus tonerworks

jocelyn grosse smallish things poetry, 5 pp. a letThereBepigeon Chapbook (no contact information, but i think you might be able to find jocelyn on facebook)

Jokie X Wilson

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

R.F. Cote
12465 Ave. De Troyes
Quebec City, QC
G2A 3C9

Stefano Pasquini Stefano Pasquini

Obsolete Shit: Obsolete Shit

Greg Evason (courtesy of Daniel f. Bradley: fhole)

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Mike Dickau & Diana Marshall &c.

Dale Speirs [detail from Opuntia 68.1A (with an article: "Oil Made Easy" by Dale (more information on Opuntia elsewhere on this blog...

Mark Sonnenfeld (8 poem broadside with Susan Maurer)

also new from Mark: "2 Year Poems" 20 page split chapbook with 10 poems by Mark and 10 by George Kunstman (ISBN: 978-0-9820258-7-1), plus: "Data Dump" 16 page chapbook by Mark with cover art by Maryann Sonnenfeld (ISBN: 987-0-9820258-6-4)

Monday, September 21, 2009

Adamandia Kapsalis

A Fishy Requisite

Jokie X Wilson
620 Eddy St. No. 24
San Fransisco, CA

Theo Nelson


richard canard
409 S. Emerald Lane
Carbondale, Illusion

Luigino Solamito
via Cavour 44
18039 Ventimiglia (IM)

Smith & Gold
Nobel Peace Project (on going)
RR#1 FR109 P.O. 257
Nobel, Ontario
P0G 1G0

daniel f. bradley