Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Elementary Watsonianism

Truman, did you get the latest issue of Popular Reality? It's got Bob Black in it! And you! It's also got something by Caleb "Son of Crowbar," and a collage by Lord Fugue, and something by "b"oB McGlynn and "Jack Ruby in Disguise" by Blaster Al Ackerman (R.I.P.) and a bit of Sheeple and a collage by Thompson and a note from Haddock and something in fine print by David Graeber and an addnpass by Musicmaster, Haddock, Mete Sarabi, C.Z. Lovecraft & Lord Fugue plus "Confessions of a Self-Hating Anarchist" by Dan Todd plus "Rimshaw's Revenge" by Neal Wilgus plus a little thing by Nilch of Junction City, KS.

and it can all be had for a mere $3 from:

Susan Poe
PO Box 18
Poultney, VT

"Fucks With Your Mind 'Til You Come To Your Senses"

Sunday, July 26, 2015

the power of the spiderman poster

Joseph Cornell never came up out of the basement of his Mother's house.

(courtesy of Jenny Jo)

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Cuneiform APA

There's a couple of issues of Cuneiform APA mixed in there... number XI and #9... #9 has James N. Dawson, Craven Rock, Jason Rodgers, idy/billy of massillon ohio, maybe more? //// XI has a review of 3 zines by David Tighe, Jason Rodgers from Fifth Estate (!), & Tim Collapse!

Get on board at:

Frederick Moe
36 West Main St.
Warner, NH

Monday, July 13, 2015

True Hallucinations

Truman, check out Terence McKenna's True Hallucinations: 

This is from the library card catalog thing:

1. Hallucinations and illusions--Miscellanea.
2. Psilocybe cubensis--Psychic aspects.
3. Psilocybin.
4. McKenna, Terence K.--Journeys.
5. La Chorrera (Amazonas, Columbia)--Description.
6. Unidentified flying objects.
7. Shamanism.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Isn't this man supposed to be angry?

He deny's it, but I think this is Tom Wilson from Lee Harvey Osmond.