Sunday, December 19, 2004

try not to get too blogged down

no data, write on acetate,
paper is worthless, word excavation,
the computer is too smart,
thank blank, a mere copy,
fear of others, a copy to save,
the lost side, given not lost,
every one we ever saw, a thing
to add, image rep, key ping,
why is the table wobbling,
nothing is taboo, happen as,
forgo the wait, bovine
encephalopathy, something
important in here, spend the
original dollar, one tee,
a copy of a dollar, edge loss,
prior loss, fright art, a copy
of a blank sheet of paper,
play with your toys, see above,
forget the original, the
confusion between the copy
and the original, seeking
homes, the keepers from the
spenders, a pure original, a
blank original, electronic
original, heading for, how
many days can you fit on
a single page, easy with the
original, this package
contains contraband, bric-a-
brac unit, cobbled unit,
tell the computer not to
do that, no we can't tell
the diff, let the world
take control of your hand,
still driven, hats off to
the saints, paper awareness,

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