Thursday, October 20, 2005


i'm so vain
i probably
think this
is about


mairead said...

This is kinda bizarre (unless you glanced at my blog today!). I am vain because this poem could well be about me as I had an adverse reaction to epinephrine (adrenalin) today and wound up in
the emergency room! (People always "wind up" in the emergency room, ever notice that?)

All this talk about posses has reminded me of AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS and the cowboys ranging through Ringsend in Dublin (where I'm from!) Have you ever read AT SWIM-TWO-BIRDS? If not, it's my present to you (and you can get back to me any time you need explanations!)

Regarding the trade you suggested: I'll think about it.
I kinda like the idea of being Professor Priddle but it wouldn't work so well if you had my job.
Maybe I could start a jazz group or something, Professor Priddle & Her Sultans of Swing (even though it mentions swing it would actually be jazz, tricky eh?)

Good night,


Anonymous said...

wife and i did alittle drunk driving a week ago and turned this little gem of an AM hit up up up