Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Cautionary Tale

The Babynous Cult (Aug. 14, 2002) Posted by Picasa

I'm really worried and saddenned by the current situation of The Babynous Cult : "Chrs-" seems to be really "homeless in Oahu"... and also seems to be really down on mailart! is this to be the fate of the greatest mailartists?! (don't pour too much into mailart, kids!) i wonder isn't there something we could do for Chrs-? maybe take up a collection? and, um, e-mail it? thru the telegraph company, or something? contact me if you're interested in helping or maybe contact Chrs- directly

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Chrstphre Campbell said...

Before putting on a new pair of socks, please peruse this blog entry by the before-mentioned babynous, who is dead by the way, but has transmigrated to a new venue...