Saturday, December 24, 2005

Escargot Cult Award - $400

Laurie Dunn "Window Box" Posted by Picasa

the [mailsnail] gang scraped together a "modest cash prize" ($300? $400?) as a sort of lifetime achievement award for the Canadian poet Andy Suknaski... (this is the second attempt to award one to one of our heroes, the first one was turned down! (by Gerry Gilbert))

Andy is famous for dropping poems from airplanes & leaving them on mountain-tops, etc. & has quite a few books to his credit (even some concrete/visual poetry!)

next year: The Babynous Cult!


Anonymous said...

it was 360 dollars. Also, Gerry Gilbert didnt refuse the award he just wouldnt take the money. he kept the chapbook.

kemeny babineau

Anonymous said...

also to note, upon mr gilbert's
return of the prize, after various
discussion, the deserving victor
was rose,
rose deshaw.

ps re the leftwich item.
wasn't beer spilt. it's spot had
been with other tinies on the
wicker mini shelf where coffee
and ashtray go while reading.
it's also right under the coffee
maker which often distributes

i see you've received a DaDaBaBy X
so it is for you to send the
next copy you receive on elsewhere.

they're singing the anthem!