Monday, February 18, 2008

if i had a scanner...

if i had a really big scanner i would show you this cool thing i got from Ryosuke Cohen: it's a couple of his Brain Cell Fractals glued together and then used as background for a silhouette painting. I don't know who it is though, a self-portrait maybe?

i'd also like to record some of the other developments that have taken place in and around the mailbox:

heard from JNP (Jean-Noel Potte?) he's doing ZIGZAG! mailart project with publication on blogspot

*) also was very pleased to hear from Michael Mann aka unarmed 'zine. UNARMED is indeed alive and well! (even if they have left the web!) As evidence they send UNARMED #57 (28 pages) with poetry (visual and otherwise) by jwcurry, ficus strangulensis, scott helmes, john m bennett, scott macleod, jim leftwich, clemente padin, john barlow, and plenty more! i think these a basically free (at least if you live in the Twin Cities, is it?) but you might want to send a dollar to:

Michael Mann
1405 fairmount
st. Paul, MN

8) plus, in the "we never get tired" dept. i got four mailings (7 or so chapbooks from Mark Sonnenfeld (& his many collaborators) keep on truckin' Mark!

9) plus, in the same dept. i got four mailings (four issues) from Dale Speirs (OPUNTIA) (I should tell him I'm here in Calgary!)

!) also, very excited to get published in NoD journal out of the Univ. of Calgary! amazing cover! contents look to be fun too! thanks!

)) aslo, was very thrilled to get my copies of the broadside that Joseph Keppler (aka poets.painters.composers.critics.sculptors.slaves) did for me. Thanks Joe!

***) plus, derek beaulieu has been very busy as of late: his Flatland has come out through Information as Material. plus he's got a new little chapbook in the Hell Passport series: Perro Verlag. plus: three new things from his own No. Press: "You are a Pipe." by Eirikur Orn Norddahl (pardon my lack of diacritics) & "An excerpt from KANADA..." by Jonathan Ball & "decalcomania" by Tim Gaze!

****) not to be outdone, Rob Mclennan has been going wild with the photocopiers at the U. of A. and sends two new issues of The Peter F Yacht Club (#8 & #9) with poetry by Laurie Fuhr, Max Middle, Jesse Ferguson, and many more! PLUS: rob has started an "Alberta Series" (#s 1,2,3) of hefty little chapbooks by himself, George Bowering & Christine Stewart!

888888) laps but not leaps: derek leant me a copy of Shadowed Truth by Andrew Topel & Jim Leftwich published by Otoliths: blog this book though: full colour and very crisp reproduction! hmmm, it's a LULU!

anyway, over and out for now, i need food!

"food? food? food?"

"no thanks, i'm good."

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