Saturday, March 29, 2008

rob mclennan sent me a stack of his recent productions:

above/ground press broadsides: #273: "every six seconds..." kevin mcpherson-eckhoff, #275: "from 85" Robert Majzels link, & #277: "sex at thirty-eight" by himself

"map of edmonton (rossdale flats)" a five or eight page chapbook (also by himself)

"boathouse" by Pearl Pirie (20 page chapbook) (Pearl Pirie blogs too.) link

"the curse of canada" by gregory betts (32 page chapbook!) greg has a blog too. LINK

"The Sad Phoenician's Other Woman" by Amanda Earl (28 pages!) Amanda's blog

"strum" by pete smith (24 pages) does pete have a blog?

rob mclennan's blogs:


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