Monday, January 12, 2009

three boxes of books from derek beaulieu

Thom Lessner "teen wolf on a plane" (silkscreen insert)
from They Are Flying Planes #2

so, anyway, derek beaulieu sent me an e-mail yesterday asking me if i wanted some books (3 boxes in fact!)... so, what the heck, he's just across the street, so i said i'd be right over... he even helped me carry them back across the street! so i thot i'd share some of the highlights:

1) They Are Flying Planes (#2) This is quite the production: 31 cm X 21 cm hand-bound with an oversize envelope for the cover (36 pages) PLUS two CDs: one of music & one of poetry! plus there's a bunch of tipped in little treats: the silkscreen shown here, poetry with a little soot painting, poem on coloured ricepaper & even a little packet of seeds! (Red Clover, enough for a meadow!) here's a few of the names: Michael Basinski, Ryan Gallagher, Lisa Jarnot, Clint Krute, Willem John Doherty, Carol Ann Davis, Helen Phillips, Orlando White, Randall Sellers, Evan Kennedy, Tim Morris, Adam Thompson, Patrick Durgin & Jen Hofer, Edward Hopely, Matt Reeck, Anselm Berrigan, Michael Keenan, Derek Fenner, Dustin Williamson, Tetra Balestri, Ed Go, Christopher Stackhouse, Mary Millsap, Cat-Bear, Nora Almeida, Buck Downs, Jessica Pavone (& that's just the list from the printed portion!)

let's see who all's on the cd: ben malkin, kate jaeger, whit griffin, sherwin bitsui, ian parfray, pelican tripod, carol ann davis, arlo quint, corrine fitzpatrick, will sanders, rachel johnson, charlie jaeger, kristen beauston fournier, joe robitaille, sterling lambert, plus a bunch of the folks from the printed portion!

& here's who's on the music CD: bill hell, nick burnz, crus, da crouton, so l'il, brown recluse, samantha crain & the midnight shivers, i feel tractor, jessica pavone, chuck celsius, the road birds, dan jeswald

quite the production!
& plus it's a limited edition of 250!
not sure if there's any left but if there is scoop one up!
contact: theyareflyingplanes(at)

or write:

They Are Flying Planes
570-45th St.
Brooklyn, NY

oh, yeah, plus there's a bunch more books! maybe i'll get to some of those tomorrow!

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