Monday, July 06, 2009

Peter Whitson Warren: back cover of Cypripedium Unbound 31/32 which also includes work by Marcus Rogers, David Stone, Dave Williams, John M. Bennett & Sheila Murphy, Chuck Stake, Ed Giecek, The Haddock, Jean W. Keppel, Moreno Menarin, Diane Bertrand, with plenty of lavish full colour!

Peter Whitson Warren
902 24th St. West
Billings, MT


mad said...

peter whitson warren!
quite simply, the best! said...

My name is Jonathan Mark Whitson Warren. I am Peter's only child. He passed away October 27th 2009. He was a champion of mailart and art and life. He is already missed by sooo many. He lives on through his works, teaching lessons, publications, and energies. Long live mail art!!!!! Please send responses to:

3295 Granger Ave. E. #26
Billings, MT 59102-6065