Wednesday, November 18, 2009

front & back covers of unarmed 61 by john m bennett, b b grimm, jim leftwich & tom taylor

tom taylor (1938-2009)

also in this issue: bernard frank, heller levinson, thomas a clark, sheila e murphy, geraldine monk, tom kryss, vernon frazer, dave kennedy, arthur craven, ficus strangulensis, john olson, serge segay, erica van horn, steve venright, peter hughes, reed altemus, hugh thomas, franticham, skip fox, guy r beining, robert head, bill bissett, scott helmes, kyle schlesinger, kent taylor, camille martin, jake st. john, richard martin, derek beaulieu, jeff harrison, brett evans, joel dailey, gary barwin, tom weigel, daniel f bradley, & tracey hollins.

also new from unarmed: a little black strap by george bowering (chapbook, 24 pages)

these are or will be available (for free i think) at this ain't the rosedale library in toronto & at woodland pattern in milwaukee & at "some place in vancover" (you know where to look!)

or you could send a couple bucks to:

Michael Mann
1405 Fairmount Ave.
St. Paul, MN

or contact: unarmedjournal(at)

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