Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two new chapbooks from Mark Sonnenfeld:

Marymark Press
45-08 Old Millstone Drive
East Windsor, NJ

The cover on "Union Printer" is by Tabitha Stephenson, and half of the poems are by T. Kilgore Splake (the other half by Mark.)

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Anonymous said...

It's been a long time since I thought of Marymark...

I used to volunteer at a zine library, and the most common task was restoring order to the collection - properly sorting things based on common sorting rules, etc.

(One day...)

Supervisor: "Are you still sorting?"

Me: "It's the Marymark box..."

Supervisor: "Oh god... I should have warned you... I'm so sorry"

But, despite the hour of bafflement they caused me (or probably because of it), I love them.