Wednesday, June 30, 2010

jwcurry - "scarf"

this is a "scarf" that jwcurry made on a knitting machine he invented & built... it's a portrait of his daughter Jana (based on a photograph by Gio Sampogna) with a concrete/visual text by curry coming out from behind her head...

jwcurry runs one of the world's best indy micro-bookstores (lots of visual poetry, underground literature, etc.) & has catalogues available, contact:

Room 302 Books
#302-880 Somerset W.
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6R7


Jennifer Kosharek said...

That is WOW for sure. I want a bentspoon scarf!

Anonymous said...

hey, Ross, that's my "daughter", Jana, who also happens to be my "friend".

drosspriddle said...

yeah, i knew that actually, derek reminded me, sorry for not correcting it!

MLC said...

i notice you still haven't corrected the 'friend' 'daughter' mistake. i'm her sister and i noticed too. who else has also noticed?????

drosspriddle said...

okay, I corrected it... I'm sorry I'm so lazy!