Thursday, July 08, 2010

Michael Mann, ed. Unarmed #62, with poetry (visual and linear) by jesse freeman, sheila e murphy, camille martin, nicholas ravnikar, simon cutts, joel dailey, derek beaulieu, vernon frazer, heller levinson, michael basinski, daniel f bradley, scott macleod, scott helmes, arlene stone, guy r beining, ross priddle, peter hughes, bill bissett, michael mann, alan horvath, robert head, steve dalachinsky (COVER), luc fierens, brett evans, john olson, chris martin, richard martin, tom weigel, greg fuchs, jim leftwich, alan halsey, jeff harrison, & dave kennedy.

also a new unarmed chapbook by Jake St. John (16 pages).

I think these are free if you can find them in and around the Minneapolis/Saint Paul area, but you might want to send a dollar or two to cover postage to:

Michael Mann
1405 Fairmount Ave.
St. Paul, MN

or contact: unarmedjournal(at)

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