Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Ben John Smith



Anonymous said...

this is disturbing. Did he send you the whole thing or just the instructions? Have you no dignity???

drosspriddle said...

i couldn't fit the whole doll on the scanner!

Benjamin John Smith said...

I have absolutely no shame. Its all about the love, right?

good shit Ross, Good shit you mad bastard

drosspriddle said...

wow, i'm gonna take it as a high compliment to be called a "mad bastard" by Benjamin John Smith (but something tells me i should probably be worrying!)

Benjamin John Smith said...

haha, shit man, im not as bad as i make out to be ;)

when you making ya next poetry chap? i got some stuff id love to submit dude, drop me an email at ben@alternativereel.com if your keen to touch base.

Love ya work mother fucker, its beautiful!


drosspriddle said...

ha, yeah, my paper zine almost croaked, but yeah, still at it! I still have issue 56 with your "The Shoot" in print, so, they are going out slowly but surely (& winning me friends all over the place, no doubt!)

are you on facebook, dude?

Benjamin John Smith said...

no face book unfortuantly Ross, will be sending off another lette asap my mate

take it easy.


drosspriddle said...

cool, you're wise to avoid facebook... it's poison!