Wednesday, May 25, 2011

via Truman Bentley Jr. (& Thompson too! (I think!))


Anonymous said...

Lighten up FOOLS its a JOKE!

Anonymous said...

uh huh

thompson said...

yes, this photo came to thompson, via the mail ether, and has traveled far since....

Anonymous said...

Thompson is looking around watching. Truman is standing on that rail, because if your momma comes waddling around and farts, Truman is going to jump down the back and run away past those rocky cliffs.

Anonymous said...

Now a message to the PERSON who is bad.

Your teeth are gettin' yyyyella!

No longer yyyyouthful!

You look older.

Twenty days older each day.


You are under uh curse.
Hee! Hee! Ha! Ha!
Your god is not real.
Your god does not love you.
His tabernacle is a port-o-let.
His holy writ is toilet paper.
He is only the crazy TRIPPINGS from the minds of lunatics.
So pray. Because CAN-SUH! is real. And you got CCCCAN-SUH!

This was a nice poem. Created on onion paper. Hand embossed. Number 22/380.

Anonymous said...

I want to design a little RIK-SHA cart. I would harness Julie Jeffries in it. Instead of a feed bag I'd have a stick with a string dangling FLUXUS BUCKS to entice her to pull the cart fast. As she passed people on the street I'd yell, "HOME JEFFRIES!"

Anonymous said...

Thompson sent the greatest ELIPHAS LEVI BAPHOMET COLLAGE on a mini canvass. Thomas is creating collages now 24-7-365.

Anonymous said...

How did the computer glitch THOMAS from THOMPSON.