Monday, July 04, 2011

"The Metaphysical Buckwheatification of the Giant Hadron Collider"

Sky City
164-26th St SW
Hickory, NC

[courtesy of Truman Bentley Jr.]


Anonymous said...

Ross it is sad. In the time you weren't posting because of your computer being kaputt, I eliminated lots of great mail art in ritual fires on the patio grill. Lots of rare stuff that would have gone to you. Some awesome rare zines too. Stuff I got in the last three weeks. All gone. But THE ART SPIRIT MUST BE FED so the fires created much magick. No loss at all. I often obliterate to return to ZERO to force efforts. Starting at ZERO is real art. It removes all distractions.

Anonymous said...

That post card photo had nothing on the hand when it was sent. Did that white stuff drip down off those men on the MEATY SALOMI drawing above it or did you lay that special CHAZ BONO squirt pulp paper from Antonin on it. For future reference Ross try to not cross pollenate the mail art. You are a BOTONIST. Try to keep the art samples contaminant free. NO CHAZ CHEESE PLEASE!