Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Popular Reality vol. 786, #14, Ed. Susan Poe. with work from Jason Rodgers (Cover Model), Blaster Al Ackerman, The Haddock, John M. Bennett & Musicmaster, Dreams & Visions, Thompson, stuff from The Survivor Newsletter, Ryan Homsley, DKA, & Truman Bentley Jr.!.

$3 to:

Susan Poe
Popular Reality
PO Box 18
Poultney, VT

"Fucks With Your Mind 'Til
You Come To Your Senses"!!


Anonymous said...

I want that guy to put his face like that in a bowl of water. Then pour it in a jug. I would then use it to make tea for all of my enemies.

Anonymous said...

That guru ad is from almost two years ago. The interesting thing about zines an ad can be from the same day or fifty years ago. Time stands still in mail art usually.

Anonymous said...

Ryosuke Cohen fold out colorful add and pass arrived today. I'll send it to you.

drosspriddle said...

Yeah, Truman, we got a laugh out of that old ad that says: "Be an ARTIST: Make $10 to $50 a Week" (because it's still true today!)

Anonymous said...

Ross. Don't order dentures that look that guy's CHOPPERS.