Tuesday, March 12, 2013

jwcurry, ed. One Cent #403 with (previously published) poetry by Sam Andreyev, Nelson Ball, Gerry Gilbert, Frances Kruk, Lance LaRocque, The Locust & Tom Walmsley. 

hey, it's only a penny!

jw curry
#302-880 Somerset W.
Ottawa, ON
K1R 6R7


Anonymous said...

Lots of mail art sent today. I'll try to load up an envelope a day full of mail art for you to put on your patio grill. Or you can use it on Bentspoon. Channel 5A in Priddle Canada.

Anonymous said...

Just sent more mail art to the obsessive compulsive packed box stacker and tea coffee tin sipping coffee drinker of Kensington Sandel wearing hippy freaks.