Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Would you still come visit BENTSPOON if there weren't any more pretty pictures?

You could go over to:






or you could send some mail art to:

Dorian Ribas Marinho
Caixa Postal, No. 676
Florianopolis (SC)
BRASIL - 88010-970

or you could send something nice to:

Kevin Halligan
837 Birchwood Drive
Midland, ON
L4R 1P0

or you could send things to any of the other fine folk that have appeared on BENTSPOON:


Anonymous said...

Look FOO, The Beatles WHITE ALBUM had a small full frontal picture of Paul McCartney FULL MONTY on the fold out poster. Nobody said anything about that. Only John And Yoko and Mary makes THREE VIRGINS which got the hushed whispers. All the mail art choads exist for their VANITY PRESS INDULGENCE. They want to see their CHOADS. So go to the tumbled down cluttered computer repair store and plead with the tech geek to tweek you up some Frankenstein apparatus for cheap and bring it back to the lair and PLUG BOB DYLAN IN! We want COLOUR TV CHOADS! Get Bentspoon back! Fix Bentspoon back. Put Captain Kangaroo back on! Give Mister Rodgers back his sweater. If you are Canada we expect A TOM GREEN SHOW!

Anonymous said...

This is like going to the bank when their computers are down.

Anonymous said...

Ross is faking this to mess with people's minds.

Anonymous said...

Just post pretty pictures and no words giving no credit to any choads. Reduce their hauty beloved efforts to the level of random graffiti.

Anonymous said...

Yah yah yah yah. Fix this! Fix this! Asemic Toon!

Anonymous said...

Ever since you put that liquor bottle pitcher as your face book image you done started acting like BUZZ LIGHT YEAR when he got depresssed and started saying he was MRS. NESBITT. LISTEN TO WOODY! Pull yourself together BUZZ! Get Bentspoon back on track!

Anonymous said...

We need THE CIRCUS MAXIMUS in the Colliseum.