Monday, March 31, 2014

Not one but two new issues of unarmed...!

on the right: #66: cover by david spinelli. includes work by jonathan brannen, tom weigel, vernon frazer, greg fuchs, seth howard, kent taylor, michael kincaid, tom kryss, ross selavy brighton, camille martin, kevin spenst, john olson, derek beaulieu, jim leftwich, debby florence, forest hanuman, michael mann, reed altemus, kim lyons, francis van maele, joel dailey, david bellingham, & clemente padin.

PLUS a 24 page chapbook of poems by richard martin & collages by ficus strangulensis! 

on the left: #67: cover by erica van horne. includes work by jonathan brannen, kemeny babineau, daniel f. bradley, dave kennedy, jesse freeman, david-baptiste chirot, jessy kendall, john m. bennett, serge segay, me, jake st. john, guy r. beining, daniel boroughs, pearl pirie, bill bissett, buck downs, steve venright, robert head, joseph bradshaw, john wenstrom, richard martin, jeff harrison, joe blades, brett evans, james yeary, jim leftwich & andrew topel.

PLUS a 24 page chapbook of poems by tom weigel & illustrations by jesse freeman!

I don't know what these are going for but, you might want to send a couple dollars to:

Michael Mann
1405 Fairmount Ave.
St. Paul, MN

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