Saturday, August 16, 2014

Dear Asemic. Here in the jungle I am scrape-ing boat hulls. $600.00 per ya-cht. Three boats a day. The Lucre affords many Liquor dranks which cause asemic brain Art brut thought of "very success yes positive Truman."
For that Lyrium is the chaffeur in the Haute Coffeur of Eva Gabor Wig. See Ross, I have cookie cakes of tasty treats. I have bacon and ham. Cause I work scrape-ing boat hulls. For the ya-chts of the rich people require "smoothe hull sail-lin. In order to run over all those wheel chairs Jerry Lewis. The crutches are only supposed to be placed on top of the head Laurel and Hardy. Vanity Vanity. Listen to Sean Hannity!!!!!
For Truman is the only artist. Every body else are not invited to the body Art party. No!

Ranch dressing and balsamic vinegars evoke a male. So no! So no! Don't male up!

The Jingo progressive mind thought is the pablum of Lazy Symbiosis. 

Ross. Type up this message on bentspoon for easy reading. 

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Anonymous said...

omethingTruman is the only artist.
Truman was the only artist.
Truman shall be the only artist.