Wednesday, January 26, 2005

John R. Barlow: The Making of 11,12,13 issue of OVERSION Posted by Hello

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Anonymous said...

what you're looking at here is a
photo of my desk in the spectacular
front corner room of 1069 bathurst
back around 95. the issue of oversion
is probably the core one of the issue
known as oversion 11,12,13. This
issue, post Oversion 0 (the first
ending of the magazine) was done in
little batches over a period of time
with the existing 11,12,13 being
ongoingly shrunk and modified
to make room for new incoming material,
instead of sticking with the old
issue, X, issue, X, issue, X, approach.
Ultimately they'd come in great variance
as the page ordering was done individ-
ually for each copy. There were vert-
ical and hor- izontal and some with
some of each. It became like the
permanent magazine. Nothing's
permanent tho... and the room itself
ancient history, like a paperbox
strung on live streetcar wires
with trucks as well bouncing the floors
starting before the dawn and always,
thus a room to be enjoyed as art,
you will recognize some of the art
on the walls, and some of the oceanliners passing in the window
are also of this company. ~ John Barlow