Thursday, December 08, 2005

the babble and the bathwater

Reid Wood (State of Being) Posted by Picasa

this is an interesting little booklet (28 pages plus cover) banged together by Reid Wood (aka State of Being) in Ohio (271 Elm St., Oberlin, OH, 44074, USA): i sent Reid a wad of addnpasses and he modified them with stickers and rubberstamps and a black felt pen and bound them into a booklet which is all pretty cool... (however, i also sent him a couple HAT's: this is my one page photocopy 'zine which i've been doing for five or so years under various names (Mo' Gumbo, VAN) and he has given these the same treatment as the addnpasses! i had noticed the similarity between my one-page zine and the dreaded addnpass, but!...)

anyway, here's a glimpse into the interior:

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Anonymous said...

I was afraid I would end up including some of the other material when I put the book together - so I take the blame. Things were somewhat mixed together in the envelope when I received it, and I thought I had at least kept all the 5'9" stuff seperate. Oh well ... not much else I can say.