Friday, February 10, 2006

the new fhole

Billy Mavreas (from cover of fhole #7) Posted by Picasa

just got the new fhole (#7) from daniel F. Bradley: 26 pages! 8 1/2 by 11! & i was glad to see Billy Mavreas (aka EHEL (link on side-bar)) gracing the cover... also in this issue: a couple of photos by john w. macdonald of that jw curry performance (link: (september)) & some toner art by reed altemus (see link on bottom or sidebar) & an "&" visual poem by nico vassilakis (which might have been able to share it's page with another tall narrow visual poem by jennifer books which follows a couple pages later) & a lettraset concrete poem by judith copithorne & a couple of "meaning" visual poems by geof huth & a (rather wicked) visual collaboration by john m. Bennett and serge segay (and this is one of those visual poems that really fills out the 8 1/2 by 11 page well!) & a couple of visual poems (one "conversation" & one textual collage) by scott helmes & photocopier (and typer) art by frances kruk & a visual poem by andrew topel!

and that's just the "poems visual" portion!

the "and not" portion has poems by sandra alland (including an (anti?) beer poem) & gustave morin (strange to see gustave over on this side of the divide!) & clint burnham (2 haiku) & kevin thurston & jay millAr & dayle furlong & karen sohne (including an anti-artgang rant!) & samuel andreyev & richard kostelanetz & leeshia barwick too!

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