Tuesday, February 07, 2006

the new mimeo revolution

Kemeny Babineau (ed.) The New Chief Tongue #4 Posted by Picasa

this issue includes: me (text collage), rob read (bird poem), gustave morin (collage postcard (a tad tonerized) & that poem that angela rawlings mentioned on her blog: http://commutiny.blogspot.com/2006/02/in-mail.html ), brian babineau (booze poem), john b. lee (dead poem), ken belford (feedback poem), john barlow (food poem), daniel f. bradley (torn poster concrete?), frances kruk (typewriter concrete), malcolm randall (type-stract?), raymond souster (little poems), harold rhenisch (blog poem), rose deshaw (boob poem), rob mclennan (jar poem), lin geary (rock poem), richard stevenson (haiku/senryu), andrew suknaski (typewriter poems), kemeny babineau? (drunken lipreading),


the new chief tongue
kemeny babineau
206 ellis ave.
mt. pleasant, on
N0E 1K0

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Anonymous said...

I cant take credit for drunken lip reader poem as it was an anonymous gift. the poem itself doesnt likely make sense beyond the constituency of brant county during the winter election of 2006. the conservative candidate was named phil mccoleman, hence the drunken lipreader at the campaign rally misreads the sounds and comes up with things like 'fill my colon.'it was originally titled 'some euphemisms for candidacy' but the editor preferred an altered title.

kemeny babineau