Sunday, November 23, 2008

michael mann:
unarmed #59
(cover by daniel f. bradley)

32 pages, (5 & 1/2 by 4 & 1/4 in.)

jam packed with poetry, concrete & otherwise. contribs: luc fierens, dave kennedy, andrew topel, yours truly, brett evans, richard martin, sheila murphy, alan halsey, scott macleod, clemente padin, reed altemus, john m bennett, guy beining, pearl pirie, heller levinson, john olson, tom kryss, skip fox, steve dalachinsky, art (from toronto), debby florence, john greiner, scott helmes, kimball lockhart, thomas taylor, ficus strangulensis, peter hughes, jesse freeman, jake st. john, kemeny babineau, daniel freedman, chris mann & bill bissett! (whew!)

i think these are free if you can find them in minneapolis/saint paul but you might want to send a dollar or two to:

michael mann
1405 fairmount ave.
saint paul, mn

& that's not all! michael is planning a "gala" 60th issue, so if you think you might have the chops, send him something! visual poetry, real poetry, run-what-ya-brung!

still more! also out from unarmed: Tom Weigel "Extended Glitch" 24 pages (poetry), (4.25 X 5.5 in.) with a cover photo (Green Street!) by Amy Beth Maran & illustrations by Kimball Lockhart: hand-colored! not sure the price on this one, best write and see!

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