Friday, January 21, 2011


If you only buy one more book in the rest of your days, make it this one.

$10 plus postage?

I've got a few here, or you can contact Gustave:

Gustave Morin
3277 Sandwich St.
Windsor, ON
N9C 1A9


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

uh, that would be BROKE BACK NORTH AMERICA.

drosspriddle said...

better not fuck with Gus, Truman, he'll rip you a new asshole.

Anonymous said...

When we come to power canadians shall be dressed in sanitotrium clothes and stood against racks like free access bicycles in Amsterdam. They'll be free to take to use in RANDOM TASKS(thanks Mike Myers), as chattel communal property. When I was a kid my neighborhood friend Gus lived next door to a mongoloid named Robbie. He could only make noises and if he caught you he would sit on you for hours. Gus and I built a little tree house in a pine tree by the fence. Mogoloids can't climb trees or pull shirts over their heads. We safely would look down and sing for hours a song Gus wrote. "JOE PAN AND THE MAN AND TO ME AND TO YOU!" Gus used to draw a cartoon character who was japanese he called JOE PAN. The singing enraged Robbie. If we got tired of the tree we had to make sure we could run for it or get sat on and beat on by Robbie. Years later we started calling Gus Suggs Sugstafuson, his name spelled backwards. Gus is not a butt freak, nor are any of the Gus'. I ain't afraid uh no Gus. There is a book about GUS AND THE FIRE FLY. by the way, the only three things canada made good was Mike Myers, John Candy, and Tom Green. Oh yeah, and SCTV.